Word Cleaner Online Pricing



per month

200 conversions
100 MB of file space
Files stored 7 days
Email support



per month

500 conversions
250 MB of file space
Files stored 14 days
Email support



per month

3,000 conversions
500 MB of file space
Files stored 30 days
Email & phone support



per month

10,000 conversions
1000 MB of file space
Files stored 60 days
Email & phone support

Need to do more conversions or have custom requirements? Just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Register now and get these advanced features:

  • Create your own templates to get full control over how the HTML, CSS and images are converted and optimised
  • Full range of built in templates to choose from and edit
  • Bulk upload/download and conversion of files
  • View converted files and edit the HTML
  • Convert and copy to clipboard for quick pasting into your CMS
  • Store files online for easy reconversion
  • Unlimited document file size
  • No daily conversion limits
  • Convert documents with our Web Rest API
  • Convert PDF files to HTML or plain text - NEW FEATURE (06/2016)!
  • View quick start video...